On 25. and 26. April 2015 we hosted our first food workshop. We were thinking about that for a very long time since we get lots of messages asking for our techniques, light, styling, and our modus operandi. These questions are hard to answer via email. Most of it is feeling, and a lot of factors combine to our imagery. Because we are into photography since 10 years and are, on top of that, trained photographers, taking photographs is the smallest part and works completely on intuition. That’s why a main focus was on food styling and set construction. Soon we realized that we could not get through our program in one day but need a whole workshop weekend.
We started our CLASSROOM with food styling. We always begin with the selection of requisites, under- and background, and the tableware. We talked about how we collect these special items, what we think is important, how we combine them, and how to do little items yourself easily and cheap to set up your own photosets. Also, we explained how good and natural ingredients build the base for new recipes, cooked together, and gave tips and tricks on food styling. We really could rage ourselves out in the wonderful atmosphere of the Fabrik23, and could include all the wonderful details of the inspiring surroundings in our photos. The second day, the Sunday, was all about photo technique, the right light and how you can model it. Beside all the theory we also thought practice to be very important. This way, the participants could implement what they learned before. At the end of the workshop, we gave an introduction on photo editing.

Let’s move from the facts to the emotions of this weekend. As said before, it was our first workshop, and, how could it be different, we were pretty nervous. We had no idea at all what the participants would be expecting from us and how well we could put our thoughts in words.
However, the first warm hugs eliminated our doubts and fears. It was nice to see known faces, to meet people you only knew online before, or to meet completely new ones. It is an indescribable feeling to see all the curious faces from all over Germany, from Austria, Switzerland, and even deepest Norway, to learn from us. The group was so in chime, instead of cooking and taking photos a weekend together we could imagine a whole week. The wonderful part of this great exchange was that everyone learned from the other, and we, too, went home enthusiastically and our heads full of ideas. We still digest all the new impressions, and work on internalizing them and to let something new grow out of it.
We would like to thank all the people whole heartedly who made the long way to listen to our words and to drill us with questions. It was great to meet all of you and see, how the feelings we want to transport with our photos reach and connect with others. Thank you Birgit, Mia, Lilli, Susanne, Lena, Madhavi, Sandra, Sabine und Walter, Andrea, Torsten und Lars, Yvonne, Maria, Simone, Jennifer, Marc, Tom und Daniel. We took you all into our hearts and really enjoyed the two days with you. Thank you for your openness, the encouraging winks, your ideas and thoughts and the touching words that reached us after the workshop. Thank you Sabine & Walter and Torsten for the nice reports about our weekend!

In times past it was normal to exchange and give away self-made food, and today this trend revives. We are big fans of all self-made products which come from the heart, so we invited to the project „Trade Apple for Pear“. For the 15 participants, we packed little surprise packages with various, self-made sweet and hearty treats, and in exchange received packages with dearest, homemade delicacies from those readers. We had a blast to puzzle out the recipes. For days, we mixed and ground spices, grated carrots, hacked fruits and stamped sachets. It’s fun to give away presents, and even more so if the surprise comes from the kitchen. Imagine how wonderful it was to see the postman arrive day after day with new parcels, packed with love. To try and taste all those small and delicate items was an intense pleasure. So everyone can have a piece of the tidbits, we present the three recipes of our surprises as well as the three recipes which knocked our socks off.

For 25x30 cm

Combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, coconut sugar and salt. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until well combined. If the dough comes out too crumbly, add a bit of water. Wrap it in clingfilm and keep it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Prepare a baking sheet with baking paper and roll the dough thinly.
Now, mince the fruits, chop the coconut, and mix well with the nuts. In a pan, heat vanilla pulp, honey, margarine and sea salt while stirring, until everything is dissolved. Combine the honey mixture with the nuts and spread it on the dough while still warm. Bake for 20 minutes on the lowest rack. Afterwards, let it cool down completely (best over night) and slice into small rectangles.

For 75 g

We use this spice blend continuously. You can pimp vile roast potatoes with it, prepare a delicious couscous, and spice soups and vegetables. We use it especially on oven-roasted vegetables.

Mix all ingredients. You can use this blend roughly as well as finely ground.

For 32 pieces

Finely grind the flaxseeds with the sunflower seeds in a blender. Peel the carrots and celery, and grate them finely. Grind the spices, and mix all ingredients well. Spread the mixture about 2mm on backing paper, and draw predetermined breaking points into the dough with a bench scraper. Let it dry at low temperature in the dehydrator. We dried the hearty crackers at 50°C for about 18 hours. If you want to prepare the crackers raw, you need to dry them at less than 40°C and a bit longer.

Looking back it was not a good idea to show you only 3 of our favorite readers recipes. It was all but impossible to select them! Overall we’ve got more than 50 different small cakes, biscuits, chocolates, sauces, dips, soups, breads, granola mixes, jams and spreads, and everything tasted so delicious! It’s amazing how well you’ve met our taste. For that reason we decided to publish the other recipes in addition to our 3 favourites in a Pinterest gallery. We wish you all a lot of fun with giving away and nibbling!

Pinterest board with all photos

Only because of our great sponsors, we could make this action happen, and we’d like to thank them very much. Pfeffersack & Soehne provided the spices for the Oriental Spice Blend. We already mentioned the company from Koblenz every once in a while because we are so delighted by the boys and their concept. There’s a reason why we have about 40 small black tins with corks. Not only are the spices of magnificent quality, but also look beautiful. But enough raving. Just try it out yourselves.
Another huge thank you goes out to DAVERT, who sponsored all grains, nuts and fruits for our sweets slices, as well as kernels and seeds for the Hearty Carrot Crackers. Thanks to the generous support by Perfekte Gesundheitsshop, who sponsored a new dehydrator, we could dry the ingredients thoroughly. Until now we had an old, orange dehydrator from the 70s as a permanent loan from Yannic’s Mum. We couldn’t even set the precise temperature, and since the lid went missing, the whole warmth escaped. Thanks to PGS we could develop those hearty Crackers, which dried in Excalibur Mini. We just love the dehydrator. You can make instant broth yourself, make apple rings or use fruit puree to make fruit leather. You can vary the vegetable crackers endlessly – in summer you could use tomatoes, zucchini and fresh herbs.
Last but not least our thanks go out to lovely Birgit from GARN & MEHR. Since the great online shop for baker’s twine went online, we are spoony about the small, colourful rolls and beautify our parcels since years with them. Aside from the twines, Birgit offers beautiful cardboard boxes, in which we could wrap our nut slices. Also, you find a lot of great DIY tips on the GARN & MEHR blog.
We are happy we could attract four of our favourite shops and producers for this joint project!

Sweet Spicy Nuts


200 g mixed nuts

1 tbsp margarine (or butter)

25 g whole cane sugar

1 tbsp agave syrup

1 tbsp sweet mustard

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp fine sea salt


Heat the butter and sugar in a saucepan while stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. Mix in the other ingredients and stir carefully until well combined.
Preheat the oven up to 160 degrees (air circulation). Prepare a baking sheet with baking paper, spread the nuts and roast in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes. At halftime mix again. Remove the sweet and spicy nuts from oven and let cool down completely. Then wrap airtight.


The recipe is from Nicole Klauß slightly adapted of “Geschenkideen aus meiner Küche” by Nicole Stich and Coco Lang.

Spread with Chickpeas


200 g cooked chickpeas

15 pickled olives

15 dried and pickled tomatoes

5 tbsp virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp mustard

1 tsp dried oregano

sea salt, black pepper


Blend chickpeas, olives and tomato with olive oil. Season with mustard, oregano, salt and pepper. Mix well and fill into a jar. Cover with olive oil, so that the spread will last longer.


The recipe is from Fabienne Schopf & Mona Gall.

Apple Almond Crumble Cakes


For 12 pieces


120 g butter

100 g whole cane sugar

250 g wholemeal spelt flour

1 level tsp baking soda

1 pinch of sea salt

1 medium tart apple

20 g chopped almonds


Preheat the oven to 175°C. Mix the flour with baking soda, sugar and salt. Add butter and mix it first with the dough hook of a hand mixer and then take your hands to get a crumbly mass. Grease 12 muffin cups, fill half of the dough into the molds and press it firmly to the bottom and side. Chip the apple, mix with the almonds and pour into the dough forms. Spread the rest of the dough as crumbles. Then bake for 15 minutes at 175°C on middle shelf. Let the cakes cool down a bit before removing carefully.


The recipe is from Sabine and Walter Steffens.

Where do we start writing about our first “private dinner”? At first, we’d like to introduce the persons who initialized this event: Bettina & Philipp. We met them last winter and immediately fell in love with their beautiful Loft at the “Gerichtshöfe” in Wedding. We cooked there for some of our friends and really enjoyed the evening and the unforgettable atmosphere. We would have never imagined organizing a big event at the loft. Until now we did not cook for more than 10 people and apart from technical and logistical problems, we do not have any time at the moment due to wedding season. However, when Philipp suggested his idea, we were not able to refuse his offer in spite of all doubts and fears. The imagination to cook for you, our followers, was far too inviting. Philipp asked Tomo, a really sweet cook to support us. She did not even support us; we would have been lost without her. It would have been really hard to estimate the right quantities, timing and so on.
Before we started cooking, we needed to find a meal to serve to you. We came up with it before we attended a wedding at a beach in the Netherlands and tested the recipes the following days. This went very well until we needed to find a date. We are on tour most of the time, as well as Betty and Philipp who plan events together and Tomo who also needed to have time. We were happy to find a date that fitted. We went on with the planning until we noticed really late that we chose the date of the finals of the World Cup. We need to admit that Yannic and I are not big soccer fans and started the whole thing kind of naïve. Until the day before the dinner, we feared sitting alone in front of empty chairs at the end, not being able to fight the soccer mania. It cost a lot of nerves and even some tears because I feared delaying the date again when everything was already set. We expected the worst and were overwhelmed by the nice people who preferred rather spending the day with us than with friends at home or even watching the finals in between the masses on the street. Some even took a long way upon themselves to attend the dinner which really touched us.
So far we, no I, thought nothing could go wrong at the day of the dinner. This wishful thinking turned out to be wrong very quickly when we arrived and went through the ingredients with the cook. She already bought everything on Friday and stored it in the refrigerator of the loft. Can you imagine what happens with herbs and lettuce when they get too cold? You might have experienced this yourself. Everything turns wilt and inedible. We were lucky to live in Berlin and got the chance to get replacement on a Sunday. I won’t even tell that I had to go to the EDEKA store at the S + U station at Friedrichstraße on the day of the finals and that I needed to hurry through the pouring rain to the loft. And now we’re up to the positive things. We had everything we needed to start the dinner. We cut out 130 Ravioli, made a big pot of delicious tomato sauce and I whisked a big bowl of chocolate dough. Everything went well. Despite all fears and stomach aches beforehand, we now feel very happy and proud. We are thankful for all the people that participated. It was a beautiful evening with all of you! Before the first guests came, I thought: NEVER AGAIN! However, when the first nice people arrived and shared their hugs, all the negative thoughts were gone. We felt so comfortable. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We get excited about our blog Krautkopf every single day, how it enriches our lives and always brings new things up to us. We look forward what the future holds for us. We just let ourselves drift away …

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

Photo: Grit Siwonia

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