A few weeks ago we were in Rensow for our second Rustic & Raw Workshop and we insisted on visiting Grete’s farm. We inspected all the fields and greenhouses to see what happened since our last visit. Of course, we were not only there to look around but also to lend a hand.

After days of rain the romantic vision of farm life gets chapped. Work has to be done, rain or no rain, and the vegetables have to be harvested nonetheless. Plucking beans with soaked and cold fingers is indeed no nice activity, especially when the beans are not meant for food but to gain seeding material. But that’s part of the deal. Just like we crawled over the ground clearing it of weeds in summer, we crawled in the mud in autumn to plant a special hardy onion which can be already harvested in spring.

The field was not only full of vegetables for seeds, though. Plenty of beet roots, fennel, roots, salads and the most beautiful pumpkins, of which we took some for our dinner the same day, went into boxes.

Once again we were fascinated of the beauty of the latter. In contrast to the standardized staple goods in the supermarkets Grete’s vegetables are characteristic and full of flavor. With the production of old and seeding breeds Grete enhances the biodiversity on the fields. We already said she grows 60 different sorts of tomatoes alone. Those especially we watched carefully during almost their full cycle, starting with the pricking in spring, harvesting in summer up to seed gaining in autumn during this visit. They grew to us and every time we see a known sort we just have to smile.

We wanted to experiment with the pumpkins. We put them into the fire to cook them in the blaze and then peel the soft flesh from the blackened skins afterwards. We had sage butter and roasted sunflower seeds with it. When, in addition, the setting sun came out once more the evening was perfect. Surrounded by old walls and scenting herbs in Knut’s and Christina’s settler house.


  • Wahnsinn, diese Fotos bringen mich gerade zu Schwärmen und Schwelgen… also ich glaube fast, wild-romantischer geht es kaum noch!

    • Das Freut uns! Dieser Hof ist auch einfach nur bezaubernd und in das Siedlerhaus könnten wir direkt einziehen <3

  • Sehr, sehr fein geworden Ihr Lieben ?
    Die Grinsebacke bedankt sich für die wunderbaren Tage mit dem Feuermännchen und der Struwwelpeterin ☺️

    • Es war so schön dich dabei gehabt zu haben! Danke für alles liebe Paula! Fühl dich umarmt, Yannic & Susann

    • Oh dir würde es so gut bei Grete gefallen! Und sie freut sich immer über helfende Hände. Vielleicht sollten wir mal eine kleine Gruppenfahrt dorthin machen :)

  • An euren Fotografien kann man sich einfach nicht satt sehen. Einfach traumhaft. Ich muss sofort nochmal durch scrollen ;o)

    LG Janine

  • I have followed you both for many years, and even now more than ever, each post fills me with such warm feelings of happiness.

    Though I’m originally from and old family farmhouse in Germany, I’ve lived mostly here in the US. But I have never been this excited to finally be moving back, and you two have been a part of that journey for me.

    Until next time! Tschüss!

  • Hammer! Wie ihr es immer wieder schafft, diese einmalige Atmosphäre einzufangen. Großartig. Das ist alles so authentisch. Und dann diese schönen Quitten! Unseren Quittenbaum haben leider die Schafe “hingerichtet”. Unsere Schuld. Die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen waren nicht gut genug. Auch die Idee mit den Kürbissen, das werde ich im jeden Fall probieren. Danke!
    Ich finde eure Beiträge immer wieder absolut inspirierend. Macht weiter so!

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