In the Countryside

Together, we baked sourdough bread and scarfed it down with selfmade plum jam. We harvested a few pumpkins, got the most crispy pizza from the kitchen stove, told stories, spent half a day in the hammock, watched Levi how he rolled through the mud like a little piggy. We built sandcastles and sat around the fire. A few days ago, Lars and Sylvia harvested their two old apple trees and pressed the apples by the liter to incredibly delicious apple juice, which we relished. This is how life should be. Sweet, sour, delicious.

At the weekend, we drove in the countryside, to Lars, Sylvia, and Levi. The three of them have been working for months now on their own little paradise in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. It is nice to see how their little house, the beautiful garden and the barn gain more and more personality und becoming their home, even if it’s only for the weekend. Still, even one weekend there gives so much energy, which is not only because of the beautiful environment, but also because of the lovely people, who will be a foursome soon.