We believe that fresh products are the most important thing when it comes to creating a delicious meal. We buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers at the weekly market. Our best ideas for new recipes come when we amble past market stalls and see an offer that incorporates the nature of that specific season. You can find out when the different varieties of fruit and vegetable are freshly available in our seasonality table.

It is great to fiddle around with recipes and to constantly discover new aromas and ingredients. Spices play an essential role in this process. They shape the way in which we cook: rich in aroma and variety, but always in a manner that supports the taste of the individual products and does not smother them. We never buy anything other than whole spices, and freshly grind them with a mortar and pestle, so that they only release their full taste during the preparation stage. The same applies to all of the grain we use. Freshly ground wholemeal flour tastes stronger, is more filling and contains a greater number of valuable substances.

This by far is the overriding principle in our well-stocked larder: everything as fresh and unprocessed as possible. In our kitchen, we try our best to forego convenience products and produce many sauces, spice pastes, stock and spice mixes ourselves. You can find a collection of these basic recipes on the Basics page.

We have always considered what we eat to be very important. Our passion for good, natural food grew even stronger a few years ago, when we discovered that Susann was lactose intolerant. If you are intolerant to something, it is inevitable that you will take a more intensive approach to nutrition, ingredients and additives. And what better way to keep tabs on what is contained in your food than to cook it yourself?

We also keep an eye on our sugar consumption. Refined sugar contains no nutrients whatsoever and puts a strain on the body. That is why we prefer alternative sweeteners such as rice syrup, dried fruits, honey, coconut and whole cane sugar, as well as freshly squeezed fruit juice. We tend to use rice syrup most regularly. It does not contain any fructose and so has less sweetening power. This form of sugar isn’t healthy either. But at least our alternatives also contain a few vitamins, enzymes and trace elements.


We believe that food should not only be something that fills us up, but should also be good for us and make us happy. Since this differs from one person to the next, you should see our recipes as ideas, which you are free to alter and adapt according to your taste. Be inspired and have fun enjoying them together – as a couple or with friends. Because cooking and eating not only stirs the senses, but brings people together. We hope you have fun cooking and enjoying the fruits of your labour together!


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