For us, the most important thing for a delicious dish is the fresh ingredients. During our time in Berlin, fruit and vegetables from the farmers market, were on the menu. In the meantime, we can harvest a large part in our own garden. What nature provides in the respective season is our greatest inspiration and provides the best ideas for new recipes. Watching food grow from the seed, being able to follow the whole process up to the harvest, has further deepened our appreciation of good and natural food.

Since we have been cultivating our own garden, our pantry is full to bursting with preserves, fermented and pickled food. In this way we preserve our harvest and can also make use of it outside the main season. This has a great influence on our daily cooking and our approach to new recipes. But also the many different varieties we cultivate and all the herbs, edible flowers and wild berries now enrich our dishes.


It is wonderful to be able to help yourself to the richness of nature, to tinker with recipes and to discover ever new flavours and ingredients. As fresh, unprocessed and wholesome as possible. You will look in vain for finished products in our store cupboard, because we make sauces, spice pastes, broths, spice mixtures and other things ourselves. We have compiled a collection of some of these basic recipes in the Basics category.


Food should not only fill us up, but above all it should make us feel good and happy. Since this varies from person to person, our recipes are meant as ideas that everyone can change or adapt at will. Let yourself be inspired and have fun enjoying together – as a couple or together with friends. Because cooking and eating not only stimulates all the senses, but also brings people together. We wish you lots of fun cooking and enjoying together!

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