For 2 servings

Last Sunday we finally had a day off and went into the woods to collect blueberries. Via we found a great place near Wandlitz and spent the evening in the cool woods hunting berries. Wild blueberries are considerably smaller, but have a more intense taste than cultivated berries, and you have to pull yourself together not to eat all of them at once. Back home, we immediately began puzzling over new recipes with blueberries. The outcome includes besides an incredibly moist crumb cake this cucumber wild herbs brew. If served ice cold, it is a perfect light entrée on hot summer days.

Slice the celeriac into 1-1,5cm thick pieces and cut them round. The rest you can use for a vegetable stock, for example. Cook the celeriac slices for 10-15 minutes in saltwater. Mix maple sirup, cider vinegar and salt for the marinade and fill it into a freezer bag. Add the still warm celeriac, press out the air and seal the bag. The slices should marinate for at least 2 hours, best overnight. For that, put them into the fridge as soon as they are cooled down.
Wash the cucumber, celery, wild herbs salad and dill and juice them in a juicer. Maybe strain it subsequently. If you don’t own a juicer, you can blend the ingredients and strain them afterwards. Season the juice with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Until the dish is prepared, keep the soup in the fridge or freezer to be nicely cold.
Thinly slice the radishes and cut them round as well. Dress with blueberries and wild herb on each slice of celeriac and pour the ice cold soup over it.


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