This is where we introduce you to products that we love and use on a daily basis, sites and magazines that we regularly flick through for inspiration. These recommendations come from the heart. You cannot purchase into this listing.

Kitchen utensils

Flour mill: Komo Fidibus Medium

Since we grind almost all of our flour ourselves, it soon became clear to us that we would also require a high-quality flour mill. After a lot of research, we decided upon the Komo Fidibus Medium. It is a very compact yet powerful mill made from solid wood, which processes a wide range of different grains into the finest flour in the blink of an eye. The ceramic grinder doesn’t shy away from corn, rice or chick peas. The 12-year guarantee speaks for itself. We wholeheartedly recommend this mill.


Small blender: Personal Blender PB 250

(available at Keimling)*

We use the Personal Blender for almost every day in the kitchen. Whether grinding nuts, seeds or spices or liquefying dips, sauces, creams or purées. It is also possible to blend cashew cream without softening the nuts first. Our favourite thing about the BPA-free mixer is that it is brilliant at processing small quantities and it can be cleaned again very quickly and easily.


Big Blender: Vitamix Pro 300

(available at Keimling)*

We have a small blender, but we also use a high-performance Vitamix to produce nut milk, smoothies, creamy soups, sauces, etc. The 2,2 PS high-performance motor and the small blade radius make sure to create extremely creamy and fiber free results. We use this machine frequently and we couldn’t imagine our kitchen and our cooking routine without it.


Stand mixer: Kitchen Aid Artisan

We use our Kitchen Aid to process dough of all kinds. Whether it is yeast dough, which takes on an unbelievably smooth consistency after 10 minutes of kneading, or light cake dough. When it comes to kneading and whipping, it is simply a brilliant, reliable helper in the kitchen. We also use the vegetable slicing attachment for grating and slicing larger quantities of fruit and vegetables.


Pasta machine: Marcato Atlas 150

When it comes to producing our own pasta, we cannot live without a pasta machine. It takes a lot of skill and above all experience and routine to roll out the dough evenly by hand. That is why we would always recommend the machine ahead of the rolling pin. Our pasta machine gets a lot of use. Whether for making fresh tagliatelle, lasagne sheets, tortellini and ravioli or for thinly rolling out the dough for Asian dumplings. Handmade pasta tastes so much better than the shop-bought alternative and is so much easier to make with this kitchen aid. Here is a basic recipe for pasta dough.


Juicer: Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000

(available at Keimling)*

There is nothing better than freshly squeezed juice to start the day full of energy. Our juicer squeezes the delicious juice from fruit and vegetables and can also be used for soft fruit and herbs etc.


Dehydrator: Excalibur Mini

(available at Keimling)*

We had an old, orange dehydrator from the 70s on permanent loan from Yannic’s mother for many years. You could not even set a precise temperature and the heater is shot since the lid was gone. So it was high time for a new, modern, energy-saving device like the Excalibur Mini. We think this dehydrator is just amazing. You can use it to produce your own self-granulated broth, desiccate fruit into apple rings, for example, or purée them into fruit leather. It is possible to dry vegetables and make delicious crisps and you can also use it to prepare our vegetable crackers.


Waffle Iron: Nordic Ware Belgian Waffle Iron


Actually, we’ve been looking for pie pans at Cynthia Barcomi, but then we stumbled across this cast-iron waffle maker. Since we want as few kitchen devices as possible, we were pretty excited about this space-saving alternative. We only knew the bulky electronical versions you only use twice a year because no one really wants to clean them afterwards. To tell the truth, because of this very reason we were rather skeptical, with our mind’s eye we already saw dough dripping wildly on our gas cooker. We took the waffle iron nonetheless, and ever since then we have the most crispy and fluffy waffles.
The Belgian waffle iron is super easy to handle. You put each half on a stove plate to heat them up, brush them with a bit of butter, put the halves back together and fill in the dough. The iron halves are pressed together without pressure and flipped over after a few minutes, so the waffles get crispy and golden brown from both sides. Nothing ever dripped out or caked on while we used it. It pretty much cleans itself – almost too good to be true, right?

Kitchen utensils, tableware, table linen

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that we are aesthetes. We love pretty, hand-made, unique items. Not only in front of the camera, but also behind it, in day-to-day life. As far as we are concerned, kitchen knives not only have to be sharp, but made from nice wood. Our aprons and tea-towel are made from the finest linen and our love of special ceramics cannot be denied. This is where we would like to present you with a list of selected favourite shops, which set our hearts racing as food bloggers, photographers, and lovers of craft and design.


Chef’s knives


Also in the kitchen it depends on the right tools. We love our Japanese Haiku Kurouchi knives from CHROMA. They not only look beautiful, but are also extremely sharp. Our black forged Santoku and Ko-Yanagi knives are made in traditional handcraft in Southern Japan.


Apron / tableware


Enamel cookware


Pottery, cutlery and co.


Utensils that set our food blogger hearts racing


Other kitchen utensils

Nut Milk Bag: Nectarbar

For a lon time, we sieved out nut milk through a linen sheet. It works great, but is also a bit inconvenient. You have to put the sheet into a strainer, it can be quite messy while sieving if you didn’t grab all ends of the cloth, and there can be traces of nuts in the cloth so you have to clean it thoroughly. If you feel the same way, definitely switch to a nut milk sac. It is a simple invention which simplified our lives. You fill the milk directly into the sac, close it and begin to press. The fine fabric is easy to clean and is dry in a second. We dry the nut remains in our dehydrator to get nut flour for baking.


We buy our fresh fruit and vegetables from weekly local markets. However, there are still a few things left on our shopping list, which is why we are also happy to provide you with our go-to places for the special herbs, spices, grain, nuts and seeds that we use in the kitchen on a daily basis.


Wild fruit and herbs

You don’t have to live in the countryside to collect your own wild-growing fruit, berries and herbs. There are many places in the middle of the city where you can pick delicacies straight from the tree or bush yourself. You simply have to keep your eyes peeled. There is a great initiative called ‘Mundraub’ to help you find these places. For example, we have discovered elder bushes, mulberries, seabuckthorn and blackberries only a few metres from our door.


Herbs and aromatic plants

The Gärtnerei Rühlemann nursery is the place to find classic herbs that should not be missing from any kitchen, as well as the more unusual varieties. We like to grow a lot of herbs for our Asian dishes ourselves on the balcony. Fresh curry leaves should not be left out of any Indian curry. These can be purchased as saplings from the nursery. This is also the place to find special varieties of chillies that bear colourful fruits, salads such as the beautiful leaf-mustard and Brazilian spinach as well as a number of medicinal herbs.



Spices only release their full aroma and best taste once then have been freshly ground or crushed. That is why Pfeffersack und Söhne only supply their herbs and spices whole or roughly chopped. Their globally-sourced product range is up to 90% organically grown and is constantly expanding. The hand-made ceramic jars containing the spices not only look beautiful but they provide perfect lightproof and airtight storage. We simply love it when people put their blood, sweat and tears into their products.


Grain, nuts, seeds, dried fruits

Our larder is predominantly filled with products from Davert. With a wide range of rice and grain, pulses, nuts, seeds, beans and dried fruits. The assortment is huge and the quality is unbeatable. All of the products are sourced from controlled biological cultivation.


Kombucha, milk and  water kefir

You can find a wide range of recipes with enzymes made from milk and water kefir on our blog. In this online shop you can order kefir grains with the certified organic label and growing guarantee. What’s more, there is a wealth of important information, guidance material and recipes. Worldwide shipment is offered.


We find inspiration for new ideas at the weekly market, in restaurants, when travelling, and often whilst browsing our cookbooks, magazines and blogs. Here is a selection of our favourites.







For us, cookbooks are not simply something we use to follow recipes word for word when creating a dish, but rather a source of inspiration. That is why we do not only limit ourselves to the vegetarian kitchen in this department. We are often interested in different preparation methods, new flavours, chefs’ approaches and of course, food styling.


Cook it Raw by Alessandro Porcelli, ISBN: 978-0714865492

NOMA by René Redzepi, ISBN: 978-3841901200

Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson, ISBN: 978-3841901835

A New Napa Cuisine by Christopher Kostow, ISBN: 978-1607745945

Tartine: Book No. 3 by Chad Robertson, ISBN: 978-1452114309

Indien by Pushpesh Pant, ISBN: 978-3841901606

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi, ISBN: 978-3831023332

Vegetarische Köstlichkeiten by Yotam Ottolenghi, ISBN: 978-3831026913

Jahreszeiten by Donna Hay, ISBN: 978-3038005148

Meine grüne Speisekammer by Karoline Jönsson, ISBN: 978-3772473944

Tender | Gemüse by Nigel Slater, ISBN: 978-3832194499

Tender | Obst by Nigel Slater, ISBN: 978-3832194505

Natürlich Jamie by Jamie Oliver, ISBN: 978-3831011025

Noch ein Stück by Leila Lindholm, ISBN: 978-3038005841

The Kinfolk Table von Nathan Williams, ISBN: 978-1579655327

Natürlich Backen von Amber Rose, ISBN: 978-3868736861

Celebrating Whole Food von Amy Chaplin, ISBN: 978-3946566014

My new roots von Sarah Britton, ISBN: 978-3868738650

Zum Glück Gemüse von Phaidon by Edel, ISBN: 978-3944297019

Mastering Fermentation von Mary Karlin, ISBN: 978-1607744382

Von der Schale bis zum Kern von Bernadette Wörndl, ISBN: 978-3850336543

Super Natural Every Day von Heidi Swanson, ISBN: 978-1580082778

Der Sauerteig – das unbekannte Wesen von Martin Pöt Stoldt, ISBN: 978-3865829641


If you are someone who prefers to browse brilliant new cookbooks yourself, then we can point you in the direction of this great cookbook shop in Berlin.


We only have a balcony, but we use every little bit of it. Every year in summer, it is so closely vegetated, we can barely sit on it. However, we harvest freshly our herbs, salad and also some vegetables. Every year, we try something new, and in the past years we had incredibly many tomatoes, egg plants, zucchinis, cucumbers, peas, carrots, beet root, bell pepper, chilis, kohlrabi, raspberries, radishes, and pieplant. We are excited to see what’s new next year. It is a great joy watching the vegetables grow and, of course, self grown and reaped it tastes even better.


Raised Garden Bed: Vegtrug

(Available at*
Beside many pots, crates and flower boxes we are proud owners of a raised bed, which fits on our balcony to the millimeter. We also have useful utensils like growing foil to obtain a green house effect.


Seeds: Vegetables and Herbs

To get a good and tasty harvest, the right seeds are essential. We’d like to suggest a few addresses where you can get high quality and extraordinary seeds.

Dreschflegel Saatgut

Rühlemann’s Kräuter und Duftpflanzen



The seeds for tomatoes we often gain from the species we buy in the market and find particularly tasty. We just dry the seeds on kitchen paper. The seeds of our herbs we usually collect in autumn and keep them for the next year.


Paper bags

To wrap everything neatly, we use small paper bags, which we keep in a crate safe from light and moisture.


Plant pots

Useful tools for the propagation of plants are planting pots which can be placed directly into the earth.



To have fun with watering your plants, we warmly entrust you with this copper watering can. Also, you don’t have to hide a plastic can on the balcony.

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