It is the quiet, thoughtful moments in the everyday. The beauty in melancholy that touches us deeply. It triggers a tickle in our fingers that makes us reach for the camera to capture these moments with quiet euphoria.

We need photography like the air we breathe. It is our language, allows us to carry our thoughts and feelings, our reality, into the world, and not infrequently allows us to discover and learn something about ourselves. It is a way of looking inwards and outwards in equal measure.

It is the simple things that make life special

Over the years, Krautkopf has developed into our portfolio. This is where we collect our work, share our thoughts and experiences.

Susann Probst & Yannic Schon

Beyond the Meadows

Portrait of a natural and biodiverse garden

Hardback edition

240 pages
Format: 8.25 x 10.5 in. / 21 x 27 cm

Hardcover with blind embossing

Publisher: Prestel Publishing; 1st edition (March 2024)

Language: English

ISBN 978-3-7913-8983-7

US $39.99 / £32.50 / Can.$53.99

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the garden diary

Lush green, delicate blossoms

A dense green carpet, woven from a wide range of colours and leaf structures, covers the ground of our front garden on this misty morning.

A greenhouse packed with seedlings

To extend the season and give the seedlings an easier start under controlled, optimised conditions, we start most of our vegetable crops and cut flowers from seed indoors.

The joy of spring

This year everything is different, a good three weeks earlier. While we are still busy preparing the beds, everything around us is blooming and turning green.


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