Compost in the kitchen garden

The fertility of our soil is the base for a rich harvest. Our most important method for this is our own compost. We explain our approach and what to consider.

Farm fresh

[sponsored] In September, our harvest luck is at its very best with fruits, vegetables and herbs in abundance. We present you two favorite seasonal recipes.

“Typically Regional” – Producers, Farm Shops & Farm Cafés in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

[sponsored] Landurlaub MV made a comprehensive but pocket-sized map where regional farmers and their products are listed.

Garden flowers

So far, the construction of our kitchen garden has required a lot of strength and attention. After the basic structure is in place, we can move on to other areas of the property. With blooming meadows, perennial beds and wild fruit hedges we want to let our garden bloom.

Mixed crops in the kitchen garden

We plant our vegetables in mixed crops. The plants are combined in such a way that they can benefit from each other.

Our vegetable seed list

In order not to lose the overview growing so many varieties of vegetables, we created a seed table with which we work throughout the year.

Self-sufficiency from the vegetable garden

We have thought about how long we can and want to provide ourselves with the produce from our garden.

Conscious Consumption

[sponsored] Our joint event with Manufactum in the settler house revolved around the topic of “conscious consumption”.

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