Beyond the Meadows

Portrait of a natural and biodiverse garden

We portrayed our garden with moody photos, letting you immerse yourself in our world and conveying the special atmosphere that reigns in our green paradise. Discover an inspiring visual journey through our garden.

„Beyond the Meadows" is a narrative about our very personal way of gardening. We want to share our passion and philosophy, the proven approaches we have tried and tested for ourselves over the years, and the stories of successes and challenges on our way to a natural, biodiverse garden. Thereby we convey not only practical knowledge, but also our vision of a sustainable and harmonious habitat for plants, animals and people.

This book is for all those who want to discover or deepen their passion for gardening. It is a call to integrate nature back into our lives and to make our own small contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. Be inspired by the beauty and magic of a garden created with love and mindfulness.

Susann Probst & Yannic Schon

Beyond the Meadows

Portrait of a natural and biodiverse garden

Hardback edition

240 pages
Format: 8.25 x 10.5 in. / 21 x 27 cm

Hardcover with blind embossing

Publisher: Prestel Publishing; 1st edition (March 2024)

Language: English

ISBN 978-3-7913-8983-7

US $39.99 / £32.50 / Can.$53.99

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»In this book, filled with their exquisite photographs, Susann & Yannic share their truly inspiring way of gardening. You will not only find out about how it all started, but also about their plans for the future. I have seen hundreds of their stunning images of their garden before and I couldn’t believe my luck when one day I found myself in their garden when I was in the area. The passion that Susann and Yannic have for their garden was fully evident when they showed me around. You will find this same passion throughout the book. All their words speak about their commitment and dedication they have towards sustainable gardening and biodiversity.

I am in awe of their hard work and how, from basically no gardening knowledge at first, they have created in a relatively short time, this paradise “Beyond the Meadows”.

As a garden photographer, what really stands out for me is the stunning photography that is very generously shared throughout the book. The gentle use of light and the way they see their garden is achingly beautiful. How to make a simple cauliflower head or a snail peacefully wandering on a cabbage leaf look beautiful, these are very Krautkopf specialities.

You don’t have to be a gardener to be touched by this book. You will love this book if you’re about to embark on a gardening journey, you will love this book even if you only garden on a balcony. You will love this book if you love beautiful garden photography but most of all, you will love this book because it’s honest, inspiring and you know it comes from the heart.«

Eva Nemeth (Garden Photographer)

»An utterly gorgeous book. There is inspiration and wisdom on every page.«

Nigel Slater (food writer and journalist)