Vegetarian recipes in rhythm with the seasons

Mashed grilled broad beans with broccoli

One of the recipes from our new cookbook “Erde, Salz & Glut”.

Roasted Carrot Soup

This soup not only tastes wonderful of fall, it also strengthens your body’s defenses with the vitamin-rich sea buckthorn.

Black Salsify Soup

A creamy black salsify soup with roasted walnuts and black salsify chips.

Vegan Nut Wedges

We can't imagine winter without nut wedges. This is our vegan version of the classic pastry.

Cherry Crumble Cake

We love crumb cake in all variations, especially with fluffy sponge and cherries.

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup was a classic in our childhood and still it is today.

Filled Sweet Potatoes with Sauerkraut

The sweet potato lives up to its name and therefore gets a strong, sour note as an opponent.

Green Spelt & Brussel Sprout Salad

A rich salad that provides us with important nutrients in winter.

Mousse au Chocolat Cake

Fluffy mousse au chocolate on a brownie.

Holiday Pie

For this year’s Christmas, we prepare a festive pie filled with colorful winter vegetables.

Apple Galette

We welcome autumn and open the apple season.

Zucchini Apricot Cake

Of course there will be a cake for the inauguration of our new kitchen.

Cherry Clafoutis full of Chocolate

There are these days, when only sweet fruits on bitter chocolate can help.

Lemon pie

What would summer be without a big piece of lemon pie?

Breakfast Muffins

We love these muffins as an alternative to the morning cereal or as a snack to go.

Spaetzle with Roasted Red Cabbage

We rarely cook cabbage, but mostly bake or fry it. This makes it soft and crispy at the same time.

Filled savoy

This vegan roast will be the centerpiece on every festive banquet.

Blueberry Ice Cake

A cake with the color of moonlight.

Wild Mushroom Soup with Green Spelt Dumplings

After a long hike through the wet-cold autumn forest, this soup is simply the best.

Indian Vegetable Balls

The vegetable balls are a great starter, but can also be eaten in a creamy curry sauce as a main course.
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