Garden Diary

Impressions in change of the seasons

Winter wreath

A winter wreath made from hazel branches, hop vines and the seed heads of Lunaria rediviva, Aster divaricatus "Tradescant" and Hydrangea...

Frosty sparkle

The first frost seems to preserve the last splashes of autumn colour under its sparkling ice crystals.

Autumn leaves

We would love to stop time in autumn, when trees and bushes shine in the most beautiful colours.

Cut flower bed in morning mist

The mornings when the rising sun pushes aside dense fog with all its might are one of the most beautiful things...

September mowing

With the mowing of our wildflower meadows at the latest, the farewell to summer becomes very clear.

Transformation of the new perennial beds

It is amazing what a few square metres of change can do to the overall appearance of the garden.