Krautkopf Presets

25 Lightroom Presets for moody photos

A consistent style in our photography is very important to us. This applies to all media, whether print, website or our social media channels. To edit our RAW files evenly in Lightroom, we use specially created presets. With just one single click, the original photo gets our personal look. Image editing couldn't be easier! This way we can spend our time behind the camera instead of at the computer.

To make image editing easier for you too, we have created a collection of 25 Lightroom presets for moody photos. A natural colour effect and the charm of analogue film is particularly important to us.
Each of our presets has its own character. Depending on the subject, the lighting situation or the colour scheme, you can decide whether you want your photo to have a caramel-coloured, warm mood, earthy tones or dark, blue shadows, for example. The presets offer a perfect starting point for the further development of your personal image style.

The presets are perfect for lifestyle, travel, food, interior, fashion and portrait photos. We have put together an overview with before and after examples so that you can see the effect for yourself.

Food & Lifestyle Preset Pack

The pack includes 25 presets (20 colour and 5 black and white) for Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. Furthermore there is a tool kit to easily edit contrast, tones, grain and vignette.

Comes with .lrtemplate files (for use with Lightroom version 7.2 or earlier) as well as .xmp files (for use with Lightroom version 7.3 oder later) and .dng files (for use with Lightroom Mobile).

49,00 EUR (incl. VAT.)

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Before / After Samples

For editing every original RAW photo, we only used the presets. It really is photo editing with just one click.

Krautkopf 01 CLR

Krautkopf 04 CLR

Krautkopf 16 CLR

Krautkopf 19 CLR

Krautkopf 07 CLR

Krautkopf 11 CLR

Krautkopf 02 CLR

Krautkopf 14 CLR

Krautkopf 18 CLR

Krautkopf 03 CLR

Krautkopf 13 CLR

Krautkopf 06 CLR

Krautkopf 20 CLR

Krautkopf 22 BW

Krautkopf 05 CLR

Krautkopf 24 BW

Krautkopf 09 CLR

Krautkopf 08 CLR

Krautkopf 12 CLR

Krautkopf 23 BW

Krautkopf 21 BW

Krautkopf 25 BW

Krautkopf 15 CLR

Krautkopf 17 CLR

Krautkopf 10 CLR

We developed the presets independent from exposure and colour temperature, so these values can be edited individually before or after using the presets. All presets use the Adobe Standard Profile, and can be used regardless of your camera brand. Every camera brand and even the single models of one brands have an individual colour character. Thus, the presets can have slightly different results on different cameras. We use the presets on cameras by Fuji and Canon.

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Have lots of fun with the Krautkopf Presets and we’re curious to see your results. For sharing your photos you can use the hashtag #krautpresets.

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