Impressions and reports from our journeys

The Edible Country

[sponsored] With this special project, Sweden becomes the world’s largest gourmet restaurant.

Carattere Siciliano – 150 Years Averna

[sponsored] At the 150 jubilee of Averna we could see how extensively Sicilians celebrate traditions.

Fire, Earth, Water

We will take you on a culinary adventure in Sweden.

The Poetry of the Woods

[Sponsored] The forest with its fragrances, sounds and light moods has a healing effect and is pure inspiration.

About tree houses and campfire bread

Lazing away half of the day in the tree house, picking peas and baking cakes. That’s weekend!

Scotland Road Trip

[Sponsored] We will tell you about our roadtrip through the rough nature of Scotland.

Mecklenburg, oh Mecklenburg

How to make half of the bread dough on the kitchen floor.

The beauty of simplicity

We went to the countryside with some friends to get away from it all and fight the winter blues.

About Trulli, Stone Ovens and Lemon Trees

[sponsored] We enjoyed the flavour of Apulia and the hospitality of the Italians

Sassi di Matera

During the first part of our trip to Italy we find ourselves in another time.

New Zealand Road Trip

We take you on our adventure through the wilderness of New Zealand.

A culinary journey through Auckland

When we explore a city, we do not look at the sights, but their restaurants.

In the Countryside

A story about a wonderful weekend in the countryside.