Erde, Salz & Glut

Gemüseküche im Rhythmus der Jahreszeiten

From the seed we put in the soil to the finished plant. In this book, we cook with freshly harvested produce from our own kitchen garden, from the meadows and forests in the surrounding area. We experiment with what nature has to offer: fruits, blossoms, seeds, leaves and roots, grown in precious soil.

Our vegetarian recipes use few ingredients and are easy to prepare. Salt is indispensable. It has been used for centuries as a seasoning and for preservation and symbolises simplicity and reduction to the essentials: the inherent taste of the products.

Through preparation with heat, most originally over embers, a multitude of flavour nuances unfold. From raw products to steaming, stewing, frying, roasting, smoking and burning - heat transforms food, can make it crispy, tender, soft or firm, can bring out and enhance flavours.

Depending on the ingredient and recipe, the combination of the three basics of soil, salt and embers creates delicious dishes that always change with the rhythm of the seasons.

Susann Probst & Yannic Schon

Erde, Salz & Glut

Gemüseküche im Rhythmus der Jahreszeiten

Hardback edition

240 pages
Format: 20 x 26.5 cm

Hardcover with natural paper, half dust jacket and blind embossing

Publisher: Hölker Verlag; 1st Edition (1 June 2021)

Language: German

ISBN 978-3-88117-190-8

EUR 32,00 (inkl. VAT.)

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