we are Susann and Yannic. We have been walking our path together for over 15 years. Sharing joy, love and happiness, experiencing adventures, laughing and crying together.

In 2006, we found each other through photography. We need it like the air we breathe. It is our language, allows us to express our thoughts and feelings to the world and often helps us to discover and learn something about ourselves. So our visual language grows with us, just as we grow with it. Almost 20 years ago, we were both still holding analogue medium format cameras in our hands. The film backs loaded with black-and-white films, as grainy as poppy seeds on sugar icing. Only 12 pictures on each film, which we developed ourselves and enlarged in our darkroom. The limitation, reduction to the essential, the intensive examination of each individual image, was an important learning and development process for us. Followed by a professional training in a commercial photo studio and almost 10 years of documenting weddings as Paul liebt Paula (Paul loves Paula). The fascination for the beauty of melancholy has resonated and distinguished our photography for all these years and across the various stages.

Then there is the culinary art that connects us and accompanies us every day. For us, cooking means quality of life. The careful selection of ingredients is just as much a part of it as their preparation and enjoyment. For us, it is just as much a creative and intuitive process as photography. By combining the two in 2013, Krautkopf was born. A large playground where we can reinvent ourselves again and again. It started as a pure recipe blog, then we added culinary stories from our travels, and in the meantime it has become so much more. Through Krautkopf we have discovered places, met people, approached topics. For ten years, we lived in vibrant Berlin, were inspired by the restaurants with cuisines from all over the world and the colourful farmers' markets. In our small, narrow kitchen, we combined seasonal, mostly regional ingredients with exotic flavours.

The desire to live more consciously and sustainably and to be in harmony with nature and its changing seasons brought us to a small village in Mecklenburg (north east of Germany) in 2018. Here we bought a settler's house built around 1948 with plenty of space for a large vegetable garden, orchards, a wildflower meadow and places to retreat. In our kitchen garden we grow about 50 vegetable crops with over 100 different varieties, all raised from seed. Additionally, a variety of edible herbs and flowers, fruit and wild fruit. Moving to the countryside has changed our approach to new dishes, flavours and ways of preparing them. Unusual flavours are now no longer created by exotic spices, but by ingredients such as wild herbs, special types of vegetables or even unfamiliar components of vegetables. What nature has in store in each season is our greatest inspiration. Each season is associated with a certain taste and feeling for us. Watching our vegetables grow from seed to harvest has deepened our appreciation for good and natural food.

Beyond growing vegetables, the garden has also become an important part of our lives. We dig ourselves deeper and deeper into the matter, learn something new almost every day, understand a little bit more of the incomprehensible complexity of nature. It is wonderful to let things develop and grow here, to experience how we fill this piece of green around us with life. We never tire of capturing this beauty in pictures, of pointing out all the wonderful little things that fascinate us. The garden, the house, are pure inspiration for us. A living studio that is constantly changing and always offers us new possibilities. Here we have the feeling of having arrived and being able to fully unfold.

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Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2024 | 1. Platz Bester Gartenbildband für Gartenbuch "Zu den Wiesen"

Literarischer Wettbewerb GAD 2022 | Silbermedaille für Kochbuch "Erde, Salz & Glut"

Wettbewerb Stiftung Buchkunst 2016 | Eines der 25 schönsten deutschen Bücher für Kochbuch "Vegetarisch kochen und genießen"

Literarischer Wettbewerb GAD 2016 | Goldmedaille für Kochbuch "Vegetarisch kochen und genießen"

AMA Foodblog Award 2016 | 1. Platz Gesamtsieger

Saveur Foodblog Award 2015 | 1. Platz „Best-Designed Blog“

German Foodblog Contest 2015 | 1. Platz „Innovation & Herzblut“

AMA Foodblog Award 2014 | 1. Platz „Rezept Vegetarisch“


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