The Krautkopf App

Seasonal vegetarian recipes

Following the success of our 2015 cookbook, we decided to bring the Krautkopf recipes to life in the form of an app. Designed for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch, it is available in German and English. In the app, we’ve included metric, imperial and U.S. units so there’s no need to look at conversions charts, as we’ve done the work for you!

You’ll find a total of 80 seasonal, vegetarian dishes waiting to be discovered. We wanted to add not only recipes from our blog, but also something completely new. 60 of the recipes have been developed exclusively for the app. More than half are vegan and gluten-free.

You can order the recipes by diet, by seasons and course. You can even search by ingredient and see all the recipes that include it. The Krautkopf app has many great features that make creating amazing recipes easy. Below, you’ll find a tour of some of the most popular features. We invite you to get your copy from the App Store and look forward to your feedback and reviews.

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