DEC 2023

Golden Winter

While most changes in the garden happen more or less leisurely over the course of the seasons and blend seamlessly into one another, snow completely transforms the landscape from one moment to the next. That's what makes it so overwhelming, especially the first of the season. Whereas just a moment ago we were captivated by the colours of autumn, suddenly everything is almost monochrome, reduced to shapes and textures, revealing a completely new perspective. Bark, almost transparent seed heads, delicately intertwined tendrils. Some plants are even more beautiful with snow caps than when they are in bloom. The light also shines through the reflective white in a very special way, revealing details that were previously invisible. Like the tracks that make life in the garden visible. Not only those of the animals, but also our own movements through the garden. The snow is like a whole new layer that covers the landscape like a sheet of parchment paper with fine pencil lines.