AUG 2023

It's amazing what a few square metres of change can do to the overall look of the garden. The perennials around our seating area, planned by Sebastian Conrad and newly planted by us in spring, took a long time to settle in. Despite regular watering, many hot and dry weeks gave them a hard time. When it suddenly turned autumnal in July, with lots of rain and mild temperatures, the perennials have undergone an incredible development. With so much leaf mass, so many flowers, our expectations for the first year were far exceeded. What excites us apart from that is how wonderfully the new planting blends into the garden. The previously empty, boring area now creates a perfect connection between the existing elements such as the vegetable garden and the perennial bed by the fence. There are so many new, exciting perspectives that make us perceive and experience our garden in a completely different way.

Transformation of the new perennial beds