Beetroot Ice Cream

Vegetable ice cream? Yes, you’re allowed to be a little skeptical. We were skeptical as well when we first tried this recipe. We were rewarded with a freaky sensation of taste. You need to taste yourself how incredible delicious the mixture of beetroot and dark chocolate is. The chocolate gives a bitter taste and the beetroot a slight earthy taste. By the way, it’s also sweet like normal ice cream and the chocolate-earth replaces the crispy wafer. So this is almost a regular ice cream…

Wash the beetroots and bake for 60 - 90 minutes at 180°C in the oven. In the meantime prepare the chocolate earth. Mix all ingredients until you have a very dry, crumbly „pastry“. Sprinkle the crumbles on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven with the beetroots. When they are crispy, let them cool down and crumble until it looks like earth.
When the time for the beetroots is over, also let them cool down and peel them before you puree them in a blender with 75 ml milk and cinnamon. For the ice cream, heat the remaining milk with the cream. Beat the egg yolks and agave syrup until they are very frothy and blend in slowly and constantly stirring a thin pour of the milk/cream mixture. Then fill into a steel bowl and heat over a water bath until it clearly thickens. Always keep stirring. Melt the chocolate as well over a water bath and stir into the ice cream mass. Then combine thoroughly with the pureed beetroots. Now completely cool down the mass and then refrigerate it before filling into the ice maker. We only have a very simple ice maker and need to cool it down in a tin bowl for 1-2 hours in the freezer to let it get a better consistency.

FoR 3-4 Servings


200 g beetroot

200 ml milk

135 ml cream

4 yolks of organic eggs (size M)

6 tbsp organic honey

60 g dark chocolate

1 pinch of ground cinnamon


15 g almonds

15 g hazelnuts

40 g wholemeal spelt flour

15 g butter

2 tsp cacao

1 tsp sugar beet syrup

1 tbsp organic honey

1/4 tsp salt