Stone Oven Pizza and Olive Bread

Just like the six cats that were prowling around to find some food that has fallen on the floor. How nice it was to have an open-air candle-light-dinner in fall and how we just turned our back for a second and recognized that almost the whole bowl of figs was empty. But the most beautiful thing was to see how dinner brings people together and makes them happy. Look at the pictures and think of sun, ocean and crispy, fresh pizza. For our Italian dinner, we used simple yeast dough out of wheat flour not only for the pizza but also for the olive bread. For the olive paste, pit black olives, chop garlic and mix it with capers to a paste. Season with salt and pepper. Simple, but out of this world. We spread the fig pizza with sheep’s cheese and honey, we also had pizza with potatoes and rosemary, juicy buffalo mozzarella, artichokes and rocket and so on. We would love to do this every month. It was special to cook and bake for the whole crew and it was definitely not the last time.

Before winter begins, we would like to take you to a sunny place. Fall in Spain is fantastic, that’s why we flew to Mallorca in November for our annual meeting of wedding photographers. There is a nice finca in Esporles where you can relax and sit together to recover from a stressful wedding season. The meeting this year was something special as Ivan, the son of the owner, is now taking care of the finca Can Torna. He plans to create a huge wild garden to walk through and pick something from every bush. The idea is to use only self-planted fruit and vegetables. We were able to search for fresh chanterelles, olives and figs. There is also an old stone oven and because Yannic always dreamed of baking pizza in one, we decided to arrange a big pizza dinner for the last night. We must admit that it might sound a little strange to have a pizza night in Spain, but we had to seize the opportunity. It was awesome and there is so much to tell about this evening.