Food Styling & Photography Workshop

On 25. and 26. April 2015 we hosted our first food workshop. We were thinking about that for a very long time since we get lots of messages asking for our techniques, light, styling, and our modus operandi. These questions are hard to answer via email. Most of it is feeling, and a lot of factors combine to our imagery. Because we are into photography since 10 years and are, on top of that, trained photographers, taking photographs is the smallest part and works completely on intuition. That’s why a main focus was on food styling and set construction. Soon we realized that we could not get through our program in one day but need a whole workshop weekend. We started our CLASSROOM with food styling. We always begin with the selection of requisites, under- and background, and the tableware. We talked about how we collect these special items, what we think is important, how we combine them, and how to do little items yourself easily and cheap to set up your own photosets. Also, we explained how good and natural ingredients build the base for new recipes, cooked together, and gave tips and tricks on food styling. We really could rage ourselves out in the wonderful atmosphere of the Fabrik23, and could include all the wonderful details of the inspiring surroundings in our photos. The second day, the Sunday, was all about photo technique, the right light and how you can model it. Beside all the theory we also thought practice to be very important. This way, the participants could implement what they learned before. At the end of the workshop, we gave an introduction on photo editing.

Let’s move from the facts to the emotions of this weekend. As said before, it was our first workshop, and, how could it be different, we were pretty nervous. We had no idea at all what the participants would be expecting from us and how well we could put our thoughts in words. However, the first warm hugs eliminated our doubts and fears. It was nice to see known faces, to meet people you only knew online before, or to meet completely new ones. It is an indescribable feeling to see all the curious faces from all over Germany, from Austria, Switzerland, and even deepest Norway, to learn from us. The group was so in chime, instead of cooking and taking photos a weekend together we could imagine a whole week. The wonderful part of this great exchange was that everyone learned from the other, and we, too, went home enthusiastically and our heads full of ideas. We still digest all the new impressions, and work on internalizing them and to let something new grow out of it. We would like to thank all the people whole heartedly who made the long way to listen to our words and to drill us with questions. It was great to meet all of you and see, how the feelings we want to transport with our photos reach and connect with others. We took you all into our hearts and really enjoyed the two days with you. Thank you for your openness, the encouraging winks, your ideas and thoughts and the touching words that reached us after the workshop.