Rustic & Raw Workshop October 2017

We breakfasted very long each morning, before we started preparing lunch like sweet chestnut porcini ravioli with sage and pine nuts or potato waffles with pumpkin. One evening the rain settled down a bit and we could prepare a lentil potato salad with plenty of fall vegetables on open fire outside.

And during all that, the camera had to be with us everywhere all the time! We love it when our photos come up all natural and we don’t have to set up anything. Of course, we chose a a beautiful underground, a suitable dish and the place with the best light to photograph our food. However, in this house you can take whatever you like, you can place your set-up wherever you want, you will receive a great outcome. That’s why we love being there. If you are inspired by your surroundings you automatically imagine pictures and you just know what to do. We experience this every time we are there and this is exactly what makes the workshop special for our guests. You can’t escape the excitement for every detail once you’re there. The rest of the story we rather tell in pictures.

At the beginning of October, we packed our bags for our second Rustic & Raw workshop. Have you read about our first one? Then you know how this was an exceptional experience for us. We pondered for a long time if it is even possible to continue. Everything had been just perfect, the group has been incredibly harmonic. How would it be with other people? Would we manage to create such a special atmosphere again? We are perfectionists. On the one hand, this what drives us, on the other hand it drives us crazy from time to time. Completely in vain, as we should learn.

We welcomed guests from all over over Germany and even from Switzerland. Diverse and yet connected through their love for cooking and photography. The spell was broken within seconds, and again we had the feeling of being together with friends. In early fall it was already time to heat the ovens, to cook on the old iron stove and to listen to the raindrops on the windows. The „Alte Schule“ radiated cosiness in this cool season. It was perfect to cook together, gabble and enjoying this time-out of everyday life.