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Apéro Botanico

We also served a pumpkin risotto with sage and pine nuts, potato patties with golden kraut and fried onions, and as a sweet finish we had carrot cake with sea buckthorn. At this point, we want to thank Ben Donath who was not only in the kitchen with and for us during the event, but also helped Yannic preparing everything the day before and stood by our side with his great experiences as a chef. Beside delicious food and drinks we also wanted to bring the topic of plants to our guests. Sibylle and Anna from The Style Lab, who decorated our location beautifully with flowers, gave a short DIY workshop for floral hoops. This way, everyone could take some green home with them. Happy and satisfied we let the afternoon come to an end with the wonderful singer Rasha Nahas. A few weeks ago her voice flowed through an open window into our flat. Rasha sang during a small street festival on the playground and sweetened our workday. Enchanted, we took a piece of the cake we just photographed and brought it to her, just to hear she moved into the neighborhood not too long ago. Already while planning our Apéro we knew we wanted her as a singer that day. We are very happy she gave a small, private concert amidst the plants and flowers. The beautiful atmosphere and the warmth of our dear guests made the day very special for us. We are incredibly thankful to realize such ideas with our partners. If you know our flat, you notice very fast how much we love plants and that we planted a small jungle in our home. For us, it was the perfect collaboration. So thanks again to Pflanzenfreunde.de and Tollwasblumenmachen.de for all the trust!

When our neighbors ask if we move because we stack boxes and furniture in front of our door we have a big event coming up. This time, a dream came true with Tollwasblumenmachen.de and Pflanzenfreude.de: we transformed an empty room where people meet to perform the warrior, sun salute, and downward dog into a green oasis. Those who are plant enthusiasts like us will probably have heard of these two initiatives from Blumenbüro Holland. They not only inspire to bring flowers into your own four walls, they also bristle with lots of important information concerning plants. The right care, places and everything it takes to not only make us happy with the plants and flowers, but also ensure the flowers and plants are happy to be with us and bloom in full blossom. In the article on the event on Pflanzenfreude.de and Tollwasblumenmachen.de you find more information on the plants and flowers we used. And we got loads of them! With colorful bouquets and a variety of home plants we created the perfect place for a cozy and relaxed afternoon with Apéro. Instead of a long table we set up small sitting areas with pillows, where our guests could have their drinks and nibbles, and could flee the cold and wet autumn weather. The bar team mixed delicious cocktails like the “Flower Power” out of White Port Dry, pink grapefruit and elderberry liquor, or the “Orange is the New Black” out of gin, apricot cordial, and carrot juice. Matching the plant theme we developed a solely plant based menu which we served as Flying Buffet. We started with beet root falafel with apple chutney and horseradish cream, followed by black salsify soup with pear and walnut.

This post was written in cooperation with Tollwasblumenmachen.de and Pflanzenfreude.de. Even though we were paid for this article, we give our own opinion uninfluenced. We had full rein over text and content of this article.