Compost in the kitchen garden

The fertility of our soil is the base for a rich harvest. Our most important method for this is our own compost. We explain our approach and what to consider.

Farm fresh

[sponsored] In September, our harvest luck is at its very best with fruits, vegetables and herbs in abundance. We present you two favorite seasonal recipes.

“Typically Regional” – Producers, Farm Shops & Farm Cafés in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

[sponsored] Landurlaub MV made a comprehensive but pocket-sized map where regional farmers and their products are listed.

Garden flowers

So far, the construction of our kitchen garden has required a lot of strength and attention. After the basic structure is in place, we can move on to other areas of the property. With blooming meadows, perennial beds and wild fruit hedges we want to let our garden bloom.

Mixed crops in the kitchen garden

We plant our vegetables in mixed crops. The plants are combined in such a way that they can benefit from each other.

Our vegetable seed list

In order not to lose the overview growing so many varieties of vegetables, we created a seed table with which we work throughout the year.

Self-sufficiency from the vegetable garden

We have thought about how long we can and want to provide ourselves with the produce from our garden.

Conscious Consumption

[sponsored] Our joint event with Manufactum in the settler house revolved around the topic of “conscious consumption”.

Preserving in the dehydrator

[sponsored] By drying fruits and veggies from our garden in the dehydrator we preserve the flavors of the summer.

Barbecue with Fermented Greens

[sponsored] We visited Olaf of Schnelles Grünzeug to create recipes for a BBQ with his fermented vegetables.

Fascination Honeybee

About our two honeybee colonies and species-appropriate beekeeping.

Herbal Tea from our Garden

From a mixture of edible perennials we conserve the summer as tea.

April showers bring May flowers

After four months of hard work it’s done: our new vegetable garden is ready.

Rustic & Raw Workshop April 2019

Impressions of a wonderful first workshop in our settlers house.

Let’s start into a new garden year

Plans and ideas for our new vegetable garden.

Winter Harvest

Our garden is in winter sleep, but the preparations for the new season are already in full swing.

The Edible Country

[sponsored] With this special project, Sweden becomes the world’s largest gourmet restaurant.

Greenhouse Gathering

The plants are out of the greenhouse and some cosiness has moved in.

Festive table decoration with instant pictures

[Sponsored] We introduce you to our ideas for a minimalistic festive decoration.

Give & Enjoy

[Sponsored] Our event with Manufactum has become a little tradition. This time, besides the culinary enjoyment, it was also about giving.

Pumpkin, bread and bonfire

For their format “Your shot. Your story.” the guys from Adobe has looked over our shoulders as food photographers.

Settler House Interior

With beating hearts, we finally present you the finished result of our renovation in the settler house.

Harvest Festival

We thank Mother Nature for a great first garden year and would like to share some thoughts with you.

Our Greenhouse, a First Résumé

[sponsored] We tell you how our greenhouse went on in the first garden year.

A little cook book with instant photos

[Sponsored] With the instant photos of instax we have created a small recipe book, which we give away to one of you.

Wood, Steel and Concrete

[sponsored] The heart of our settler house is made of black steel, brushed wood and polished concrete.

GROM – From Farm to Cup

[sponsored] We made our way to Turin to test the supposedly best gelato.

Celebrating the new home for our young plants

[sponsored] After a lot of hard work finally a greenhouse is in the garden and our young plants can move into their new home.

When the cherry trees are blooming

A little update from our settler house.

Carattere Siciliano – 150 Years Averna

[sponsored] At the 150 jubilee of Averna we could see how extensively Sicilians celebrate traditions.

Krautkopf x Michelberger

Together with the restaurant of the Michelberger hotel we have invited for a Sunday lunch.

Of clay, lime and brick

[sponsored] It will be some time before the last brushstroke is drawn in our house. We’ll open the door anyway.

Thoughts about our garden

We are curious how our 3200 sqm property will transform over the year.

Our Settler House

A long-cherished dream finally comes true!

Vegan Christmas

We prepared a festive banquet at the Manor Rensow and served filled savoy cabbage, potato roll with mushrooms and a port sauce

Rustic & Raw Workshop II

Cozy and autumnal we go to the second round of our Rustic & Raw workshop in Mecklenburg.

Good things from Grete’s garden

For the third time we visited Grete on her organic farm in Mecklenburg and enjoyed country life.

Apéro Botanico

[Sponsored] A cozy get-together, one room full of flowers and plants, nice talks, botanical drinks and delicious food.

Cooking event with Manufactum II

[Sponsored] Our cooking evening with Manufactum went into the second round. Once again, we have cooked an autumn menu with wonderful guests.

Of Knowledge to Act

[Sponsored] How can you make a healthy and balanced diet easier for everyone in everyday life?

Fire, Earth, Water

We will take you on a culinary adventure in Sweden.

The Poetry of the Woods

[Sponsored] The forest with its fragrances, sounds and light moods has a healing effect and is pure inspiration.

Harvesting, weeding, summer rain

Since our last visit, Gretes farm in Mecklenburg has turned into a purest vegetable paradise.

About tree houses and campfire bread

Lazing away half of the day in the tree house, picking peas and baking cakes. That’s weekend!

Rustic & Raw Workshop

Incredibly inspired, we came back home from our Rustic & Raw Workshop. It was a memorable adventure we’d love to share with you.

Scotland Road Trip

[Sponsored] We will tell you about our roadtrip through the rough nature of Scotland.

Mecklenburg, oh Mecklenburg

How to make half of the bread dough on the kitchen floor.

Linden sprouts, ashweed, and asparagus

Grilled asparagus smoked in hay, pesto from ashweed and bronze fennel, cauliflower soup with linden sprouts.

Sowing, pricking, planting

We spent a few spring days at Gretes Gemüsehof in Mecklenburg.

The beauty of simplicity

We went to the countryside with some friends to get away from it all and fight the winter blues.

About Trulli, Stone Ovens and Lemon Trees

We enjoyed the flavour of Apulia and the hospitality of the Italians.

Sassi di Matera

During the first part of our trip to Italy we find ourselves in another time.

Krautkopf meets IN SEARCH OF

[Sponsored] Put two blogs in a rum pot and see what happens…

New Zealand Road Trip

We take you on our adventure through the wilderness of New Zealand.

A culinary journey through Auckland

When we explore a city, we do not look at the sights, but their restaurants.

Cooking event with Manufactum

[Sponsored] Together with Manufactum we organized a cozy cooking event.

One weekend in Utrecht

We were in the Netherlands to present our book and brought along the story.

Homeschool food styling & photography workshop

The first food styling and photography workshop in our own four walls.

In the Countryside

A story about a wonderful weekend in the countryside.

Autumn BBQ with Friends

We used the last sun beams and warm temperatures to spend an autumn barbeque with friends.

Book Release Party

We celebrated a cookbook release party with 4 dishes from the book.

Food Styling & Photography Workshop

Impressions from our first Krautkopf CLASSROOM workshop for food styling and food photography in Berlin.

Food Swap – Apple for Pear

[Sponsored] We shared delicious sweet and savory treats with our readers.

Private Loft Dinner

Impressions of our first private dinner and the recipes for the mediterranean summer menu.

Stone Oven Pizza and Olive Bread

A big dream came true. Yannic finally had the chance to bake pizza in a stone oven.

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